Sell Your Home this Winter

Sell Your Home this Winter

Are you ready to sell your home, but feel you should wait until Spring to list? Winter is a great time to list your home! With less competition and a few finishing touches, you may sell your home this winter quicker than you think. 

Inventory in the housing market is traditionally low in the winter months, as many homeowners are busy with the holiday season. This doesn’t mean that the demand for homes goes dormant. Buyers are still looking for that perfect home. If you’re looking to sell, it could be a match made in real estate heaven. 

But what should you as a seller take note of when preparing your home for the market?

Update that Old Carpet

During the cold winter months you want your home to offer all the cozy holiday feels! This means, consider updating that old carpet to beautiful warm hardwood, or a cost-effective laminate. When a buyer walks in and instantly feels warm and cozy, you may have just sealed the deal.

Fix Windows and Doors

You don’t want small repairs to be what turns your property from move-in ready, to a project home in the eyes of prospective buyers. Make certain all windows and doors are in smooth, clean, and move-in ready condition.

Clean Out Your Cabinets

Buyers are considering making your home their own. If they snoop and find your dirty little secrets are hidden in the depths of your cabinets, they may wonder what else is hiding. Save yourself from snooping, take an afternoon to wipe out kitchen, bathroom, laundry and garage cabinets.

Paint Your Walls

Not only does a fresh coat of paint exude a fresh start, but it also helps buyers picture themselves making the home their own. Find a neutral color and find some time to roll on a fresh start to your home.

Update Lighting Fixtures

Keeping in updating your home, lighting may be one of the most important factors. You want fixtures to exude an updated and well kept home. During the darker winter months, you want buyers be touring the home in a new light.

The Rigo Team would love to assist you throughout the whole process and sell your home this winter!

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