Prepare Your Home for Fall

Prepare Your Home for Fall

1️⃣ Inspect Your Gutters

Ensure your rain gutters are adequately draining. Many companies will remove clogged tracks or replace rain gutters for a fraction of what interior or exterior flood damage may cost you.

2️⃣ Check Weather Stripping on Windows

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25-30 percent of heating use is a product of heat loss through windows. Check for drafts near windows, and repair damaged weather stripping. *Shut a strip of paper in your windows. If the paper pulls out easily, you may want to consider replacing weatherstripping.*

3️⃣ Inspect Your Fireplace

Before enjoying your first cozy fire, schedule a fireplace inspection with a certified chimney sweep to ensure the chimney is clear and sealing is intact.

4️⃣ Inspect Your Roof

Take a look at flashing surrounding chimney, sweep any debris, inspect any areas which may accumulate moisture, trim back any trees growing over/near your roof.  Hiring a licensed and insured contractor to complete these tasks is always a wise choice.

5️⃣Prepare Outdoor Living Spaces for Winter

Add an extra layer of mulch to flower beds, begin overseeding your lawn early October for a full winter lawn, and break out the patio furniture to enjoy a cool Valley winter.

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